Thursday, April 17, 2008


All of Closeknit's shirts are hand silkscreened. The inks are all custom mixed and then the design is printed by hand and not by machine. I try to experiment with colors and pigments, sometimes mixing various shimmers and other types of inks to give the design a certain sheen. No two t-shirts are the same. Each shirt is individually silk-screened by hand, therefore setting each design apart, and the individual who wears them. Closeknit's products are not just a fashion line but are art pieces. The designs each have a concept and process behind them that it takes to actually execute the design.

All the shirts are printed on American Apparel products. Why American Apparel? American Apparel makes a better and higher quality tshirt. The cotton is finer, it takes pigment better, and the overall fit is great. Plus they are a sweatshop free operation and their products are made in the US.


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