Sunday, April 27, 2008

Closeknit's Models

What is the process behind choosing the models for Closeknit? Many people have asked why Closeknit does not use professional models if it is a fashion brand. Closeknit is more about building an artist's community as well as being a design driven fashion company. Closeknit also has a strong concept behind it.

"Closeknit or being closeknit can refer to your relationship to people, cultures, or ideas"

One important aim of Closeknit is to promote other artists/designers/creative types. All of Closeknit's models are designers or artists in their own right.

Hiro is a painter and illustrator from Japan/Brooklyn who I met while at Parsons School of Design. Anders is a painter and Adam is a product designer, both whom I met while at Parsons. Nicky is a graffiti artist/graphic artist who is currently at The School of Visual Arts. Ian is a shoe designer who I met while we both worked for Fila. And Sammy is an up and coming comedian who I have known from childhood.

I have also been asked the question why only a certain type of model? It’s never been about a certain type. Closeknit is about diversity and about being a globally aware and influenced brand. The requirements to become a Closeknit model is if you would like your own artwork/music/comedy etc promoted and are interested in Closeknit's designs and can relate to the aim and goals of the company.


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